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Pseudomorph: A revolution in human performance measurement.
Classical psychometric tools to assess performance fail, because they can't eliminate the observer effect. We measure performance indirectly through network connectivity of the reality construct.
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When business models change, strategies and behaviors must change, too.
To respond to disruption or crisis, businesses need to be able to rapidly identify which values matter most for performance, and then close the gaps and contradictions in employee belief systems.
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A new approach to HR and New Work consulting
Measuring talent and fitness is based on outdated models that focus on past achievements from acquired knowledge. It does not matter anymore what employees know today. The only thing that matters today is "how quickly one can learn new information" and change. We help to identify and remove learning barriers.
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New Way of Work for better solutions to burn-out and bore-out.
We build high-performance wisdom cultures for optimal health and well-being. We coach employees how to lead themselves, through self-directed neuroplasticity.
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People are happy,
when they are more effective in solving problems,
than in creating new ones.

Why happiness?

Happiness is a state of consciousness that connects all people. People immediately recognize the benefits for themselves and those they care about. Recent research shows that everyone benefits when happy people work in great organizations. Employees do their jobs with passion and empathy, customers enjoy high quality service, managers see staff are more motivated and creative, and shareholders gain from increased operational effectiveness and innovation.

The business case for happiness?

Happiness is the single most important key performance indicator for your organization. Decades of compelling evidence shows that improving happiness in the workplace delivers significant increases in profit, productivity and innovation, and substantial savings in costs. Happier workers are healthier, more effective in teams, and provide better customer service. Happier businesses attract top talent, and are more able to retain their best workers.


Higher productivity


Better staff retention


Higher creativity

Wisdom development for future organizations?

The HappinessGroup grew out of the experience of working for global consultancies in leadership roles of high-performance creative teams building innovative digital products and services. We distilled and integrated the latest research from cognitive neuroscience on creative problem solving to provide organizations and creative agencies with the necessary wisdom of sustainable high-performance. In the process we learned, that happiness is not continuous but discrete, with quick habituation and a steep fall of degeneration. That is why we shifted our focus from behavior change, to “information flow” and “contextual variables” to measure performance. 

We redefine the essence of organizational excellence. In a world inundated with information, our mission is to streamline the complexity into clarity. We specialize in sculpting bespoke strategies that foster informed decision-making, seamless collaboration, effective communication, and robust organizational performance. Our multidimensional approach transcends traditional boundaries, offering a holistic pathway to mastering information, collaboration, communication, and cultural alignment.

Our Core Services

  1. Information Mastery: Navigate the deluge of data with our expert guidance. Our Information Mastery services are designed to enhance your team’s ability to sift through the noise, identify relevant insights, and leverage these for informed decision-making. We empower your team with the tools and techniques to discern the valuable from the superfluous, ensuring that every piece of information serves a purpose.
  2. Collaboration & Coordination Optimization: Elevate the synergy within your teams with our specialized collaboration services. We focus on optimizing team dynamics, ensuring seamless coordination and integration of diverse skill sets. Our approach fosters a cohesive environment where each member’s contributions are harmonized, driving your projects to successful and timely completions.
  3. Communication Skill Development: Master the art of communication with our tailored programs. Effective communication is the linchpin of success in any organization. Our services are designed to refine your team’s communication skills, ensuring clarity, persuasiveness, and the ability to engage and inspire. We equip your team with the skills to not just convey messages, but to create impactful, meaningful interactions.
  4. Performance and Cultural Measurement: Gauge and elevate your organization’s health with our comprehensive performance and cultural measurement tools. Understanding the pulse of your organization is crucial. Our services provide deep insights into your team’s performance, workplace culture, and alignment with organizational values and goals. We offer actionable intelligence that drives continuous improvement, fostering an environment of excellence and innovation.

We are dedicated to transforming the complexities of the modern informational landscape into strategic advantages for your organization. Partner with us to harness the power of information, optimize collaboration and communication, and measure and enhance the vital metrics of organizational performance and culture. Together, we will pave the way for a future where your organization not only survives but thrives in the ever-evolving global landscape.

Our Solutions

Self-learning & -organizing teams

Every organizational change starts with the change of the individual. We show you how to identify and remove obstacles of learning and growth to develop high performance teams.

Culture for creativity & innovation

Behavioral values determine how we make decisions and solve problems. We help you to identify your organizations barriers that hinder or distort information flow, collaboration and communication. 

Happy & engaged workforce

Employees are happy when they experience purpose. We help you to create engaging learning experiences at work. We provide you with frameworks, methods and tools for the integration of a fragmented workforce. We develop functional and meaningful systems, ready for the future. 


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