Employee Wellbeing

Happy employees create happy customers. This relationship is slowly understood by organizations, and goes far beyond fruit baskets and kicker tables. Wellbeing consists of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, because all three aspects are connected with each other. 

Employee “wellbeing” is also a two way street. While organizations so far have focused mainly on employee engagement programs and physical wellbeing, not much attention has been given to employee ownership of their own wellbeing. Wellbeing as a strategic skill that can be learned and in essence means to understand and sense imbalances within oneself in order to improve ones own structures and to balance tensions in internal flows as well as external ones. People can change if they know what, how and why to change. In Holacracy for example, not only functional aspects of work are tracked, but emotional tensions are addressed in the same way to increase transparency and find appropriate solutions to relief tensions. 

Especially our brain is very sensitive to external influences and changes, learns and transforms every day a little. The 4 constituencies of neuro-plasticity that are shaping our brain:

  • resilience (regaining balance after imbalance)
  • positive outlook (thinking in opportunities instead of limitations)
  • being present at what we are doing (focus, attention)
  • generosity and altruism, kindness and compassion (creating safe spaces, mindfulness)

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Infographics with permission from Torben from the website of http://www.torbenrick.eu/