Employee Experience Testing

Do you trust in the results of your “employee engagement”  reviews”?

You should not. First of all, most employees don’t trust their employer 100% regarding that the process secures their anonymity, so their response cannot be 100% authentic, which makes the results obsolete.

In addition, employees need some form of self delusion, to be able to work in a unhealthy environment. The first delusion is: I am a smart person. If I am working here, it can’t that bad, because that would make me a stupid person. The second delusion is: It would not be different anywhere else.

If responses have a small distribution range in their responses, the culture is more coherent, if there are extreme differences in the responses, there is a need for immediate action.

When was the last time you talked to one of your new hires?

What was their hiring experience, and most of all, where did they find discrepancies between what they thought the company would be and what it actually turned out to be, after a few month?

Employee Experience Testing is a service to assess corporate culture. We work for you like regular employees and tell you how the experience was. 

After the test, which usually lasts for about 4-6 weeks, we analyse our collected data and present our findings. 

Our assessment categories follow the pseudomorph model. 

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