Embedded Coaching

Team and organizational performance starts with the individual. Our belief systems and how we create meaning for our lives, determines how we perceive the world around us, and therefore how we make decisions and how we solve problems. To bring individuals in balance, improve their resilience to stress and to release their creative potential for change, we offer psychological coaching and strategy consulting to individuals and teams.

While “employee engagement programs” are a great way for a company to show care, it is only half of the solution. The other half is the individuals responsibility to learn and grow.

Research shows, that learning happens best, right in that moment, when a question or a problem arises. We work embedded in your teams to be tight there, when a problem needs more awareness, or solving. 

Our approach of “embedded ethnography” is based on anthropological frameworks and methods and describes basically the immersion of a team in a foreign (corporate culture). 

Our team consists of specialists with international project experience, from all organizational units like HR and recruiting, product and service design, project management, finance and strategy consulting.

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