Crisis Intervention + Trauma Recovery

The speed, magnitude and intensity of human error in organizations, or the response of the public in form of a “shitstorm” have all increased in recent years. While it used to take sometimes years, before a company was forced out if business, or to go through a major crisis, this can happen today with the blink of an eye.

Ethical conduct of employees on one hand, as well as responsible leadership on the other hand, will determine corporate success in the future. With the multiplication effect of the internet, or as some say “crowd intelligence” it will be more and more impossible to cover up problems and human error.

Typical crisis situations occur under the following conditions:

  • after mergers and aquisitions, and the workforce has an identitiy crisis, and needs to rebuild corporate culture and identity
  • after sudden market changes, and your business modell got “uberized”
  • your organizational culture is damaged by failed management restructuring processes, which were focused on optimizing cost structures or increasing profit structures at the cost of innovation strutures, for example.

We don’t teach, we create learning experiences – under any condition.

In all other cases, please follow the link to our “Approach” to learn more about our crisis intervention problem solving process. For us, every problem is a crisis, and we treat them all the same.