Mind + Body Integration

Our mind and our body works like one system. Problems in one area automatically impact the other areas as well. Tensions in the mind lead to physcial tensions and vice versa. Thoughts become impossible to think and moves become impossible to do.

Our integration problems helps individuals to understand their bodily systems and their interactions better. By loosening muscles and facia, also mental or emotional tensions become balanced and therefore fully functional again.

If our mind and our body are not integrated we sooner or later develop cognitive, emotional or physical problems. Considering the costs of sickness or absence due to health issues, many employees have startet fitness programs or utilize ergonomic furniture to help their employees stay active and healthy.

Our coaching programm helps individuals to identify imbalances in their posture, and provides them with specific training exercises to regain balance and health over their body.

Our body work team consists of professional physio therapists, dance therapists and fitness instructurs to get your workforce back in shape.

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