People are happy, if they are more effective in solving problems than in creating new ones.

Decision making and problem solving are at the core of learning, growth and success. Growth and success is the process of adapting structures, processes and perceptions to a continuously changing environment.

Learning, change and transformation start with the individual and end with the cultures we create. Organizational change program can only work, if the individuals want to learn and change themselves. Fear of change and tensions caused by change need to be removed first, to enable self-learning systems to function properly.

Every living system already has already everything it needs to grow and be successful. If the different parts are not integrated, they don’t function well and information, emotion and energy cannot flow freely. The results are either bore out, or burn out.

We help to align individual and organizational goals for increased agility and wellbeing, by integrating internal resources of knowledge and experience.

Since change needs to happen both on an individual and an organizational level at the same time to avoid friction and conflict, we have clustered our training modules in these two groups to focus on different questions. 

Components of growth

Organizational components of growth

Developing a learner mentality as individual

The biggest challenge for individual growth is to find out what we know already and what we only think we know. We need to take a honest view on ourselves to identify how well we are able to manage our own system. We need learn how to separate fact from fiction in our thinking, feeling and acting, so we can spot gaps and contradictions in our personal structures, processes and perception. In other words, we need to learn what it means to be human, and what keeps us from being fully human, before we start making changes.

Building self-learning teams in organizations

The biggest challenge for organizational growth is to integrate a heterogeneous workforce. Employees come in different sizes, shapes, colors, ages and backgrounds. All with different knowledge, experiences, languages and value priorities. The challenge is to see differences not as obstacle, but as chance for broader perspectives, hence better solutions to problems.

The framework learned in the “learner mentality” program are applied in this program to organizational issues like talent management, leadership + meaning making, cultural transformation, communication and collaboration, creativity + innovation, and mindfulness.

If these are your problems ...

and these are your solutions ...

... and you still have problems?

We have a solution for you!

Pseudomorph is a new framework to your human related business problems. It is a problem solving meta language to guide your workforce in decision making and problem solving processes to align structures, process and perceptions.

The model assumes, that the reason for conflict and human error is not lack of knowledge or experience, but lack of integration of Information, Emotion and Action.

Your workforce knows already everything they need to know to be successful and happy. The only problem is that they don’t know that they know, so they can’t use it.

Use the full potential of your workforce with the “pseudomorph model of human experience” and help your workforce discover and utilize the hidden wealth of your organization.

The framework helps to identify and ease tensions  in thinking, feeling and acting, so structures, processes and perceptions can work together instead of against each other on an individual and organizational level.


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